1. How can I find out claims' representative of the culprit insurance company?

ANSWER: depending on your country of residence, please, visit the following site in order to find out the claims representative in respective country:
In Lithuania – www.cab.lt
In Latvia – www.ltab.lv
In Estonia – www.lkf.ee

2. What motor claims handles iClaim?

ANSWER: iClaim on behalf of foreign insurance companies handles and settles claims in respect of the traffic accidents which have occurred in the territory of Republic of Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia and/or in other countries of the European Economic Area.

NOTE: insurance claims for accidents occurring outside Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia shall be reimbursed only after the insurer represented by iClaim confirms the validity of the insurance policy of the liable party, as well as liability for the traffic accident and the amount of the claim.

3. Liable party's insurance company is represented by iClaim.
How can I make a claim?

ANSWER: all claims are to be registered on-line only – click the link Make a claim on any page of the website,  fill-in the form, attach the required documents and then click “Submit”.

4. What documents do I need to submit in order to make a claim?

ANSWER: in order for the claim to be registered and efficiently processed, we kindly ask you to attach the relevant documents at once:

  • Accident declaration or police report;
  • Vehicle registration certificate;
  • Driver’s licence;
  • Photos of the damaged areas of the vehicle;
  • Photos of the accident scene and the incurred damages;
  • Documents (if any) certifying the amount of the claim;
  • Power of attorney (where the loss is being reported by an authorised person).

NOTE: this is not a final list of the documents to be submitted; the claim administration process may require additional documents.

5. What documents confirm the extent of the damage?

ANSWER: the situation may dictate that the amount of the claim should be confirmed by invoices, estimates of the repair work (coordinated with our experts), invoices for the repair work, findings of independent experts and MPs as well as other documents.

NOTE: the list of the above documents is for guidance purposes only, and is subject to an individual decision depending on the case.

6. The accident happened abroad, but I have neither a police report nor a traffic accident statement.
Will I be compensated?

ANSWER: we are sorry, but in this case we are not able to reimburse the incurred losses.

However, if we receive the police report or another document confirming that you are not the liable party but the aggrieved party, we will be happy to resume the handling of your claim (provided that the deadline for lodging of the complaint has not been reached).

7. Who has the right to receive the insurance compensation?

ANSWER: the following persons who suffered damage shall be entitled to the reimbursement:

  • Property owner – in the case of the damage/destruction of property;
  • Injured person – in the case of personal injury;
  • Person who has suffered the damage – in the case of other losses.

Another person shall be reimbursed only subject to a written request by the injured person.

8. How long does it take to receive insurance compensation or a response to my claim?


  • In case of a traffic accident in the country of your residence (Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia) the insurance compensation shall be paid within 30 days after all the required documents have been submitted.
  • In case of a traffic accident outside the country of your residence (Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia), a reasoned reply regarding the reimbursement shall be submitted within 3 months from the receipt of the complaint.

9. What if I do not agree with the insurance compensation?

ANSWER: if you are not satisfied with the compensation amount, you are free to address the court.

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